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About Us

“LivingBilingual is designed to be a comprehensive educational website for bilingual resources and information… as well as a community that inspires and educates the world on bilingualism, language learning, and multicultural living.”


LivingBilingual is on a mission to be:

  • …the most comprehensive bilingual education and information site online
  • …an advocate for the bilingual lifestyle while promoting linguistic diversity
  • …an educational resource for people want more information on living in a bilingual environment, raising kids bilingually, learning another (a spouses?) language, etc…

  • Stay Up To Date With Fresh Information

Over the last 3+ years my wife and I have been on a linguistic and cultural journey as we have formed our life together. When we first started dating, I needed to learn a lot:

…Her language (Spanish)

…Her culture (Mexican), and

…everything else that goes with meeting your future spouse.

Things became slightly more complicated when she got pregnant… now the learning curve was steeper.

Having children is a life-changing event, and deciding how to raise them is a very personal decision. We decided to raise him bilingually, and then we found we had to defend that point, to a certain degree, to others.

I scoured the internet for information on raising bilingual children, the benefits of being bilingual, bilingualism in general, pros and cons, speech development, brain development, etc…

After reading countless books, articles, websites, forums, and anything else I could find, I had amassed quite a bit of information on the topic. This prompted me to start this blog, LivingBilingual, to help consolidate the information that is out there into one easy-to-find place.

I send out a weekly newsletter with new info, blog posts, and other fun stuff. Get it straight to your email with titles and summaries of the posts. Read the interesting ones, ignore the rest. It’s that easy!

  • Stay Up To Date With Fresh Information

Our goal is to provide value to you, the reader. I, as well as other contributors, write blog posts on:


  • Raising Bilingual Children
  • Language Learning
  • Bilingualism and it’s benefits as well as it’s effects on the brain and learning
  • Bilingual jobs, opportunities, other benefits speaking more than one language affords
  • Product reviews and partnerships with other blogs, product giveaways, etc

This Blog is For…


  • People in a bilingual relationship (or multicultural)
  • Parents who plan to raise bilingual children (or multilingual…)
  • Family members/friends of the above people
  •           People who want to learn a new language, or learn their current language to a higher level

  • Stay Up To Date With Fresh Information

My wife and I would like to say thank you for taking your time to read our blog. We have big plans for the blog, so check back often!

Jeffrey, Gyovanna, and Liam Nelson (and Zoey the dog!)

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