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Learn Sign Language Online: Free Resources

Learn Sign Language Online: Free Resources

First Things First: Why Learn Sign Language Online… Or At All?

Does it surprise you that you can learn sign language online free? I sometimes forget that sign language is indeed an entire language. Furthermore, it seems like it would be tough to learn it online. This is, however, definitely not the case! Several resources exist to help you learn sign language online free.

ASL, or American Sign Language, is an actual language. It isn’t just some random hand movements; it has grammar, vocabulary, and basically all other aspects of a spoken language. I was fascinated to first realize that ASL actually has grammar. Part of the grammar is realized through facial and eye movements. Raising the eyebrows indicates a question, while furrowing the eyebrows, tilting the head, glancing in a certain direction, or do one of the numerous other inflections you actually change the meaning of a sentence. It’s similar to a spoken language where a rising tone at the end generally indicates a question. ASL is fascinating when you really start to study it. I’ve never actually studied it to learn the language, but I have read a lot about the various components of its grammar.

Is ASL Really A Language?

Yes! As I stated, it has all of the components of a spoken language. It also has many elements of culture, community, and native speakers just like any other language. One interesting fact about ASL is that the majority of babies born with hearing impairments are not born to speakers of ASL. Therefore, it’s a situation where the parents will not speak the language of their child upon birth and have to either learn it as adults or not be able to communicate with their child. It’s a unique phenomenon that is unheard of in spoken languages.

Where Can I Learn Sign Language Online Free?

Many resources exist for those wondering how to learn sign language online for free. Below is a short list of good resources recommended by trusted sources:




    Can You Teach Sign Language To Babies?

    Research into ASL and other sign languages has revealed that many of the same benefits of being bilingual do translate over to the sign language crew. It is, in fact, another language and way to process information. Learning sign language online will definitely give you access to the cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of learning another language. Is sign language your easiest language to learn? There’s only one way to find out!

    Will I Be Bilingual If I learn Sign Language Online?

    Learning sign language online, or offline, will in fact give you another language. As I discussed, depending on your bilingual definition, you will most certainly know two official, recognized languages once you gain a certain proficiency in ASL or any other type of sign language.


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    Jeffrey Nelson is a husband, father, author and bilingual living and working in the Midwestern United States. He lives with his Mexican wife and their son, Liam, who is currently being raised bilingual in English and Spanish.

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    1. Ivana

      I do see it as a language and would love to learn it some day.

      1. Jeffrey Nelson

        Awesome! I’ve never really thought about it until recently. It would be kind of fun to know :) Get out there and do it!


    2. Rochelle

      ASL is the best language to learn! I started learning it as a child, and am fluent. I am an ASL interpreter. I’m glad you realize that it is indeed a true language and you are considered bilingual if you know it. A lot of people don’t realize that, they think it’s just hand movement to go along with English. It is definitely not! I definitely encourage anyone interested in sign language to check it out!
      Rochelle recently posted…The Accessibility Mistake You Don’t Know You’re MakingMy Profile

      1. Jeffrey Nelson

        I agree Rochelle. It’s very interesting how ASL speakers use facial expressions and subtle movements to communicate grammar points/etc. I was fascinated the first time I heard it! Good for you being bilingual in English/ASL! :)


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