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Marrying A Foreigner: 5 Reasons Why I Will Never Do It Again!

As Independence Day dawns on the horizon, it got me thinking about my wife and her foreign upbringing. Marrying a foreigner is something I’ll never do again because I’m so happy with the first one! Here are my five reasons why I’m so satisfied with my wife that I will never marry a foreigner again.

I realize we don’t go out and look for “foreign” spouses and wives. I never in a million years imagined I would find a Mexican princess. I grew up in the least Mexican of all places, the upper-Midwest. On the frozen tundra, fighting 80 below wind chills and scraping solid ice off my windshield for six months a year, the furthest thing from my mind was marring a foreigner someday. As Mr. Gump says:

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

So, alas, here we are. Now I am amply qualified to make a great list of reasons why I will never marry a foreigner again.

Reason #1: Marrying a Foreigner is a Great Way to Gain Weight.

marrying a foreigner

Marrying a foreigner: My Mexican princess and our son.

Have you noticed your weight dropping uncontrollably?

Do you need some protein powder?

How about some weight gainer?

Nope. I’ve got a solution: Go marry a Mexican.

They love to cook, have the best food in the world (It’s scientifically proven if you ask a Mexican) and, at least my wife, are overly concerned with whether you have eaten enough. I’m proof positive you could expect at least 20-30 lbs of enjoyment out of their cooking in year one. Enjoy!

Reason #2: Marrying a Foreigner Helps You Make Friends

    Ex-pat communities are tight-knit. This goes for ex-pat’s from other countries in the United States. I know maybe 1% of our towns population, however I know 75% of the Mexican population. We stick together, us wanna-be Mexicans and the real ones; as long as you’re connected to a real one! Language is a strong tie, and that tie leads to relationships! Speaking of language…

    Reason #3: Marrying a Foreigner Makes Any Language The Easiest Language to Learn

    If you want to learn a language, go fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak yours. All of the elements are there:

    • Exposure – Love birds never want to be apart!
    • Motivation – This one is self-explanatory, I hope…
    • Practice – People who are dating never stop talking… it’s like constant language practice. And it’s free! Well, kind of…

    Reason #4: Marrying a Foreigner Gives You Legal Practice

    marrying a foreigner

    Marrying a foreigner is great legal practice. Photo cred Stockmonkeys.com.

    Ever gone through the immigration process? If you have, I’m sorry. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. We’re about 90% of the way through and man is it a blast. Obviously working with the government in any capacity is fantastico to the highest degree, but the immigration people are the best. La migra is your friend.

    You get to print off a thousands pieces of paper, talk to a lot of machines, correct things that aren’t wrong only to re-correct them to be right again, and then get questioned as to why you did it. It’s like paradise… if paradise were nauseatingly tedious.

    And finally…

    Reason #5: Marrying a Foreigner Instantly Makes You Feel Smarter

    marrying a foreigner

    Marrying a foreigner: surefire way to feel smarter. photo credit: jetheriot

    If you’ll notice, I wrote “feel smarter.” It doesn’t actually make you smarter… but perception is reality, right? Works for me. My wife was studying for the immigration exam and she was asking me the questions while we were on a car ride. I was batting like .750, which is probably horrible for an American, but she was completely impressed with my vast knowledge of my own country. I’m so good at being an American and these little things amaze her. What most people would consider trivial nothingness blows her mind every time. It’s awesome. I feel like the smartest person in the world…

    Are You Asking Yourself: Should I Marry a Foreigner?

    Sure. This isn’t a marriage blog, nor am I an expert, but I’d probably put a few things in front of “foreigner” on the priority list. However, if you’re smitten with that Slovak or giddy for the German, in the immortal words of Nike, just do it! It’s a fantastic experience and those that have married foreigners can probably relate… those that haven’t can only dream!

    Married a foreigner? Marrying a foreigner? Comment below and share your story! We love stories to share stories here.

    photo credit: mrsdkrebs

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    About Jeffrey Nelson

    Jeffrey Nelson is a husband, father, author and bilingual living and working in the Midwestern United States. He lives with his Mexican wife and their son, Liam, who is currently being raised bilingual in English and Spanish.

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    1. Debi

      This was great. Well written and so sweet! Thanks, Jeff!

      1. livingbilingual


    2. Stephen Greene

      A great post.

      I would also add that you get some fantastic travel opportunities.

      What I would never want to do again is marry a foreigner and then go an live in yor partner’s country!

      1. livingbilingual

        Yeah, my wife took that extra step!

    3. Marilyn

      Great points and a fun read! ..but now I’m craving comida de México! Ja ja

      1. livingbilingual

        Go get some! It’s delicious, that’s for sure. Thanks!

    4. Jen

      I enjoyed your post! I also married a foreigner and moved to his country! Talk about culture shock. Your wife is a strong woman to leave her country. It really isn´t easy to do and I recommend anyone who married a foreigner lives in their spouse´s country at least for a short time. I think it will open your eyes to their prespective and give a deeper appreciation for the love you share.

      1. livingbilingual


        You are right! She is very strong and has an amazingly positive attitude. She gets down very rarely with the language barrier, etc, but she is a trooper! Where are you living? Thanks!


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